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Materials Make All the Difference

StaySafe™ Medical Wear and Clothing only uses the highest quality raw materials for every product in our expanding range. Raw material acquisition is of utmost importance to ensure that every series in a product range functions at the highest level and in accordance with the stated specifications. All the products within the range are available in different materials and specifications to suit the different needs and preferences of our distributor markets and ultimately the end user. Several products also come in different ply and/or in a reinforced option, which provides varying levels of protection.

PP – Polypropylene is an excellent breathable barrier against water, and is also highly chemical and temperature resistance.
PE – Polyethylene is also an excellent barrier against chemicals, temperatures, and water. It has similar characteristics to PP but is not breathable (with the exception of microporous PE).

SMS – Spunbond+Meltblown+Spunbond is a 3 layer nonwoven material which provides strength, has a bacterial layer, and also acts as a repellent. The increased layers increase the barrier and protection within the work environment.

Spunlace – Spunlace is a non-woven material that provides a high level of resistence to punctures, tears and liquid while still being highly breathable

Latex – A benchmark standard for gloves, which provides a high level of protection, whilst also enabling sensitivity. Not suitable for people with latex allergies.
Nitrile – A popular latex-free alternative to latex gloves, providing the highest level of protection.
Vinyl – An economical alternative to latex and nitrile gloves, which is also latex-free but with lower levels of protection and elasticity.
Polyisoprene – Most closely resembling the properties of latex, Polyisoprene is highly elastic and latex-free.