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We are a CE, ISO and USFDA approved Dental Apron manufacturers

StaySafe Dental Apron Packaging
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Dental Apron
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How to Choose the Right Dental Apron

Product Features:

  • Can be used in sitting and lying position
  • High-Quality Closures
  • Maximum precise fitting
  • Radiation protective inlay

Still Not Sure How to Choose the Right Dental Apron

Product Details:

The StaySafe™ brand of Dental Aprons

is manufactured in multiple sizes, convenient as the brand of choice for many dental medical professionals.

StaySafe™ patient protective dental apron is specially designed to be used for dental images in both sitting and lying positions, in addition to being highly flexible and comfortable. Equipped with high-quality closures, our dental aprons ensure maximum precise fitting as well as the safe and quick wearing of the apron. Besides, our dental aprons extensively protect the front of the sitting or lying patient against radiation.

Made from specially designed medical fabric that provides far greater protection of the radiation protective inlay, our dental aprons are manufactured following strict GMP, ISO, CE and USFDA standards.

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Dental Apron FAQs

What are the benefits of PP material?
PP material stands for Polypropylene material.
Why should I use StaySafe™ dental aprons?
There are a number of reasons to use StaySafe™ dental aprons, these include that they offer strong and reliable front and back protection, are easy to wear, and ensure maximum comfort for the patient. Finally, they are ISO, CE and USFDA approved.
What materials are StaySafe™ dental aprons made from?
StaySafe™ dental aprons are made from wood pulp paper and PE film so they are 100% latex free, so can be freely used by people with latex allergies as well.
Are StaySafe™ dental aprons re-usable?
No, this product is sterilized and for single use only. You should discard it after single use. It should be used immediately after opening the package and disposed of immediately after use.
In what kind of sizes are StaySafe™ dental aprons available?
StaySafe™ dental aprons are available in 36cm x 58cm and 36cm x 66cm size.
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