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We are a CE, ISO and USFDA approved Tracheostomy Tube manufacturer.

StaySafe Tracheostomy Tube Packaging
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Tracheostomy Tube
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Tracheostomy Tube
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How to Choose the Right Tracheostomy Tube

Product Features:

  • Thermosensitive material
  • Specially designed flexible shapes
  • Thin-walled cuff
  • Low cuff pressures
  • Automatic tips
  • Flexible and kink resistant
  • Flexible inner cannula system

Still Not Sure How to Choose the Right Tracheostomy Tube

Product Details:

StaySafe™ Tracheostomy Tube

is made from high quality soft thermosensitive material, and features specially designed flexible shapes. Also, the thin-walled cuff present in the tubes ensures a maximum seal at low cuff pressures which in turn prevents complications that may stem from tracheal mucosal damage.

Our tracheostomy tubes are specially equipped with atraumatic tips on the tube which generally ensure minimum discomfort on the patient’s skin and trachea and are manufactured following strict ISO, CE and USFDA standards.

So as to guarantee optimal respiration, we recommend that the largest compatible tracheostomy tube that is compatible with the patient’s anatomy should be selected. Additionally, the medical professional should, before inserting the tube, ensure that the obturator has been inserted first, then by holding the tube at the flange, a gentle insertion of the tube into the tracheostoma can be made. As soon as the tube enters the trachea, the obturator must be removed.

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Tracheostomy Tube FAQs

Why should I use StaySafe™ Tracheostomy Tubes?
There are a number of reasons to use StaySafe™ Tracheostomy Tubes. The product features atraumatic tips on the tube which ensure minimum discomfort o patient skin and trachea, is highly flexible and kink resistant, and is specially equipped with a flexible inner cannula system which allows secretions to be removed in a very easy and hygienic manner. Finally, our tracheostomy tubes are ISO, CE and USFDA approved.
Are StaySafe™ Tracheostomy Tubes re-usable?
No, this product is sterilized and for single use only. You should discard it after single use. Avoid using the product if there are signs that its packaging was tampered with.
In what kind of sizes are StaySafe™ Tracheostomy Tubes available?
StaySafe™ Tracheostomy Tubes are available in sizes ranging from 3.00mm to 10.0mm.
What types of StaySafe™ Tracheostomy Tubes are available?
StaySafe™ Tracheostomy Tubes are available in EconoSafe and XtraSafe type. First type includes uncuffed tube, while the other brings high volume but low pressure with one-way valve pilot balloon.
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