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We are a CE, ISO and USFDA approved Disposable Kidney Tray manufacturer.

StaySafe Disposable Kidney Tray Packaging
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Disposable Kidney Tray
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How to Choose the Right Disposable Kidney Tray?

Product Features:

  • Sterile & Non-Sterile
  • Single use
  • Multipurpose
  • Available in multiple capacities per volume
  • Water resistant

Still Not Sure How to Choose the Right Disposable Kidney Tray?

Product Details:

StaySafe™ Disposable Kidney Tray

is a multipurpose item, used in medical and surgical wards, specially designed to remain steady on any surface due to the flat bottom while the kidney-like shape allows placement against the patient body to catch any falling fluids. This commonly used tray functions in the medical field to hold and transport drugs and medical devices and is commonly used to receive soiled bandages and other medical waste from nursing or dental procedures such as human tissues, blood or other body fluids. Disposable Kidney Trays are a disposable, single use only product to prevent infection transmissions.

StaySafe™ Disposable Kidney Trays are available in various specifications to ensure a solution for every application, manufactured by following strict GMO, CE, ISO and USFDA standards (exact certifications depend on specific production lines and market requirements). Internationally distributed and recognized for reliable quality and exceptional value. Internationally distributed and recognized for reliable quality and exceptional value, StaySafe™ Disposable Kidney Trays are utilized in hospitals and clinics by medical professionals.

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Disposable Kidney Tray FAQs

What is PP material?
PP material stands for Polypropylene material.
What can StaySafe™Disposable Kidney Tray be used for?
StaySafe™Disposable Kidney Tray is an extremely multipurpose medical item utilized in hospitals, clinicals and any medical establishment for a range of functions such as holding and transporting drugs and medical devices such as swabs, dressings, syringes, needles.
Are StaySafe™ Disposable Kidney Trays re-usable?
Absolutely not, kidney trays are single use only because disposable products are meant to decrease cross-communication of contaminants and therefore reduce transmission of diseases.
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