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Medical Caps

are a type of protective headwear designed to protect the user from contaminants. They are an essential protection for both the patient and the surgeon/nurse, as they protect the patient from any falling hair and contaminants in hair, and the surgeon/nurse from any hair-borne contaminants.

Bouffant Caps are the most widely used medical caps, and can be distinguished by their puffy appearance. They are loose and so allow space for longer hair and/or hair that is tied up. These caps are used by both the medical professionals, as well as the patients. Such caps can also be found within the food industry and laboratory settings, and can also be used in factories, medical facilities, and clean rooms.

Mob Caps can be distinguished by their bonnet shape. They are a type of medical cap which is used in the medical profession to contain hair. Like the bouffant cap, they too allow space for longer hair. Like the bouffant cap, they too can be used by both the patient and the doctor/nurse. Similarly, they too can essentially be found in various places where sterile conditions are necessary.

Surgeon’s Caps are headwear used in surgery. A back tie medical cap has an easy tie that needs to be tied at the back of the head, whereas an elastic tie medical cap can simply be put on the head, much like a bouffant or mob cap.

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