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We are a CE, ISO and USFDA approved Berman Airway manufacturer.

StaySafe Berman Airway Packaging
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Berman Airway
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*Inquire with us if you require specifications different from our main range.

How to Choose the Right Berman Airway

Product Features:

  • Dual-channel for unmitigated access of suction catheter
  • Reinforced bite block
  • Available in 8 sizes

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Product Details:

StaySafe™ Berman Airway

is an adjunct oropharyngeal device (oral airway, OPA) extending from the lips to the pharynx and features a specially designed dual-channel that successfully permits unmitigated access of a suction catheter even if the airway shifts or is partially occluded, making resuscitation of the patient more manageable. This OPA airway should only be used on unconscious patients to prevent vomiting or gagging. Our Berman Airway is made from high-quality medical-grade polyethylene, featuring a reinforced bite block designed for single-use.

StaySafe™ Berman Airway are available in various specifications to ensure a solution for every application, manufactured by following strict CE, ISO and USFDA standards (exact certifications depend on specific production lines and market requirements). Internationally distributed and recognized for reliable quality and exceptional value. Internationally distributed and recognized for reliable quality and exceptional value, StaySafe™ Saliva Suction Tubes are utilized in hospitals and clinics by medical professionals.

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Berman Airway FAQs

What are the benefits of PE material?
PE material stands for high-quality medical-grade polyethylene providing a reinforced design for maximum effectiveness.
Why should I use StaySafe™ Berman airway?
There are a number of reasons to use StaySafe™ Berman airway including unmitigated access of a suction catheter, and with this make resuscitation procedures more manageable. ISO, CE and USFDA certification ensure such a life-saving product meets international standards for quality and reliability.
Are StaySafe™ Berman Airways re-usable?
No, this product is sterilized and for single use only. You should discard it after single use. It should be used immediately after opening the package and disposed of immediately after use.
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